THE PRINCES OF EARTH by Michael Kurland


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Adam Warrington, a bright high-school senior on a fundamentalist backwater planet (what would sci-fi do these days without fundamentalist backwater planets?) gets into a disciplinary pickle which unexpectedly gives him a chance to qualify for the University of Sol back in the mother system. The good ship Western Star, commanded by Captain Lady Tara ep Tzinn, gets him there in due course despite a hijack attempt by the xenophobic League for Human Rights. Matriculation on Mars turns out to be rather complicated, what with Adam being mistaken for the son of an important Terran politico by a bunch of kidnappers working for another rabid humanity-first outfit, and hauled off to a nameless planetoid along with his pretty classmate Melisa. Cheerful, insipid stuff; one of those unaccountable wanderers out of the YA category.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1978
Publisher: Nelson