PSYCHETYPES: A New Way of Exploring Personality by Michael Malone

PSYCHETYPES: A New Way of Exploring Personality

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How to psychetype-cast people according to the ways in which they perceive the world. Continuous types see time as recurrent; discontinuous types see it as a series of discrete moments. ""Thinking and feeling types are always continuous; sensation types and intuitives are always discontinuous."" Various types perceive space as either volcanic (concrete), ethereal (abstract), territorial (structured), or without boundaries (oceanic). Combinations of the above result in eight basic psychetypes. Ernest Hemingway was a sensation volcanic, as is the cartoon beagle Snoopy. Winston Churchill was a feeling oceanic, like Charlie Brown. The various traits of each type are described at length. For feeling types, ""their hearts must rule their heads."" Thinking types ""need to act according to plan."" There are also lists of psychetype traits for the reader who wishes to determine someone's psychetype. ""The quickest way. . . is to have him or her go down these lists, responding, 'Yes, this is true of me,' or 'No, I'm not like that'."" The more ""primary areas"" two people share, the more likely they are to have something in common. If people object altogether to categorizing human beings in this fashion, ""chances are they're feeling types.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Dutton