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by Michael Moreci

Pub Date: Jan. 2nd, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-250-11784-7
Publisher: St. Martin's

A young space warrior must combat the forces of evil to bring peace and justice to the universe.

Moreci (The Throwaway, 2018, etc.) is a prolific comic book writer, sci-fi observer, and generally nerdy dude, and he brings all of those strengths to bear in a propulsive space opera that is also an unapologetic love letter to Star Wars. The novel opens on a chase sequence as brothers Cade and Tristan Sura are on the run from some intergalactic scumbags. But they’re rescued by Ser Jorken, a bo staff–wielding warrior who is loyal to an ancient order of galactic defenders known as The Well. A decade later, Tristan is prophesied to be the “Paragon,” the uniting force who will use an ancient weapon to bring balance to the universe. But during a very Indiana Jones–style mission to steal an all-powerful spear called the Rokura, the brothers are set upon by a member of the Fatebreakers, a death squad loyal only to Ga Halle, the evil queen of the Praxis Empire. Left to his own mission, Cade hooks up with his reluctant friend Mig and Kira Sen, a badass space pilot, to save the universe. Now it’s up to Cade and a rogues’ gallery of pilots, amigos, and robots to take control of the Rokura and lead a fierce rebellion against the Praxis before they can use the War Hammer, a world-destroying superweapon powered by draining a sun. These are all the same beats used in everything from Joseph Campbell’s mythology to George Lucas’ enduring saga, but Moreci has assembled them with such devotion and style that it’s impossible not to love this strange mashup for its own sake. From intergalactic space battles to blaster fights to rogue robots and various hives of scum and villainy, this shiny space opera is bound to be a pleasure for fans of all stripes.

As they say in the movies, the Black Star Renegades will return.