HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A WOMAN by Michael Morgenstern


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Women, the idea is, aren't the only ones disoriented by the sexual revolution. (Viz., Alexandra Penney's How to Make Love to a Man, 1981; Dian Hanson's How to Pick Up a Man, p. 466.) This NYC lawyer contends that men have confused equality in the workplace with sameness of roles in the boudoir. He proposes to remedy this with massive doses of ""romance""--meaning long walks after a snowstorm (""providing you're both warmly dressed""); waiting until the woman is ready before pressing her for sex (the fine arts of ""seduction and arousal""); and being both considerate and communicative during the act itself. Naturally, there's some emphasis on technique and positions, as well as some de-inhibiting advice (""If a woman resists taking the superior position, let her know that at least 75 percent of all Americans now turn to the woman-on-top position at least some of the time""). Morgenstern seems to mean well, and claims to have interviewed ""hundreds"" of women before undertaking to explain their preferences; but he remains far more attuned to the male locker-room mentality. (On the elusiveness of the female orgasm, for example: ""What this means is that we aren't doing our jobs."") Along with some standard sexual-functioning help (make her feel liked as a whole person, etc.), there are even special tips on handling virgins (""a pleasure that comes with important responsibilities"") and some candid exchanges with male gigolos. The title alone may sell this--but it's still, refurbished, the same old how-to-get-from-first-base-to-home.

Pub Date: May 27th, 1982
Publisher: Potter--dist. by Crown