BROTHER & SISTER by Michael Nickolay


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Psychosexual tripe--flimsily conceived and ineptly executed. Mark Riesman discovers the genitally mutilated body of a man in the bedroom of his semi-hooker sister Frederica--who has apparently fled; in fact, she's wandering around Manhattan, eating Devil Dogs, popping pills, picking up men, ""imagining favorite cocks,"" killing time before her getaway plane leaves from JFK. But Mark's not the only one who's desperately trying to find his missing sister: the crude, snarling cops are after her for obvious reasons (""the dumb cunt who had to be responsible for this mess""); and the dead. man's mob cronies, one of whom is a psychosexual flipout, are out to kill her. And amateurishly mixed in with the chasing after Frederica (whose Big Sex Secret is obvious by page 70) are the funeral of transvestite comic Goldie Perle (Milton Berle) and Mark's ex-wife's anticipation of a big concert by the androgynous Rubber Souls (Rolling Stones)--both of which are presumably meant, in case you might miss the point, to reinforce the theme of today's sexual duality. A reasonable enough theme--but this is one of those bottom-of-the-barrel embarrassments where the sexual confusions and lurid hang-ups seem to be the author's, not society's. The pits.

Pub Date: Sept. 28th, 1979
Publisher: Lippincott