A NEW GENERATION: American and Catholic by Michael Novak

A NEW GENERATION: American and Catholic

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An articulate voice now challenges the generation of Catholics born since 1930 to free themselves from the shackles imposed on their elders by radically differing historical circumstances. Author Novak sketches a pattern of action for the young Catholic which demands that he take risks, set new precedents, be creative, not fear authority and obey with love when demanded. As background he outlines some of the key problems -- social, political, moral and intellectual -- which must be understood and solved with new ideas and action in order to help bring the Church into the mainstream of American culture. Seeing the new generation as facing a new era, the challenges posed are limitless. The renewal in the Church; education in America, and an outline for a Christian empiricism constitute the sections of the book. The way in which the problems cited here are resolved will have significant bearing on what it means to be a American and a Catholic today. Mr. Novak is a -- and certainly a ferless - young man who speaks clearly on the issues in a way which may ell supply the goa to formalising for many what it is that the new generation wants and how it may be achieved.

Pub Date: March 2nd, 1964
Publisher: Herder & Herder