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THE SOUNDS WE MAKE by Curious Circus


developed by Curious Circus & by Michael-Paul Terranova illustrated by Michael-Paul Terranova

Age Range: 3 - 6

Pub Date: Jan. 29th, 2012
Publisher: Curious Circus

A basic exploration of assorted bodily sounds, including—and perhaps featuring—those considered “rude.”

In keeping with the simplicity of their 2011 releases (Max’s Temper Turnaround; Splotch: The Center), the developers use plain, geometrical characters and minimalist features to demonstrate the various sounds that our bodies make. We can whistle, clap, snap, hum and tap our feet. "[Mumbling] some" provides a transition from more socially acceptable noises to those that might be considered impolite: yelling, shrieking, snorting and snarling, to name only a few. The story builds, however, to a churlish finish by featuring burping, belching and farting—the last of which is deemed rude, gross, indecent and… fun. Each bodily utterance is demonstrated by tapping the characters that introduce them, and when it comes to flatulence, readers are encouraged not to do it in public (or at least to say “excuse me” if they do). All characters congregate on the final page to offer their own expressions of what it sounds like to pass gas, a finale that is sure to be a hit with the potty humor crowd (good luck getting the kids to move on).

A no-frills, sound-effects–driven “story” that has a decent rhythm, reliable interactive elements, simple navigation and a splash of age-appropriate vulgarity thrown in for good measure. (iPad storybook app. 3-6)