My Best-Friend Denial by Michael R. Ricci

My Best-Friend Denial

"Coherent Truths in an Incoherent World"
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Ricci shares his thoughts on the perils of corrupt government control in his debut nonfiction work.

From the start, Ricci stands firmly by his beliefs and bluntly states his perspective that the world is being “led to the slaughter by its government.” Each chapter touches on some element of this threat. He opens with a discussion on the link between Big Oil and the government, then moves into an argument against public instruction on evolution and the manner in which religious belief has been curtailed in the public realm. Other topics he elaborates on include government debt, private debt, federal financial regulations and government handouts. Each chapter tackles a different topic, but each claim supports his overall statement concerning the hazards of government control. Ricci organizes his thoughts in a clean manner and manages to steer clear of any distracting rabbit trails. Moreover, he offers intriguing viewpoints and clearly holds strong convictions about these views. While the honesty and dedication are admirable, he doesn’t lead readers through his thought process in an adequately convincing way. Occasionally, there’s a snippet of research: For instance, in his evolution chapter, he mentions a speech delivered by Dr. Colen Patterson, a senior paleontologist for the British Museum of Natural History, in which Patterson challenged experts on evolution to tell him one thing they knew to be true about it. There are too many instances, however, where Ricci jumps straight from Point A to Point B without showing readers how he got there. In one chapter, he states, “There is coming a day when you will be persecuted and prosecuted for simply endorsing the idea that God created the world and that the government is wrong”—an unsupported statement that seems alarmist instead of insightful. Readers who disagree or are unsure may find the lack of background detail off-putting. As it stands, the book is better suited for readers who already agree with the author than those who need convincing.

Readers may find a nibble of food for thought but will need to look elsewhere for the full meal.

Pub Date: Oct. 13th, 2013
ISBN: 978-1493642830
Page count: 86pp
Publisher: CreateSpace
Program: Kirkus Indie
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