THE 20-MINUTE COOK BOOK by Michael Reise


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Equip your kitchen cook-book shelf with this and Poppy Cannon's Can Opener Cookbook (see report P. 692- 1952), and see to it that your emergency food shelf has a wide choice of carefully selected canned goods, and your freezer an assortment of frozen foods, and you can defy all threat of unexpected guests, emergency weather conditions, car breakdowns, no delivery areas and the like. You can still win laurels as a cordon bleu graduate. The time element is the gimmick here (I confess that a careful tabulation of course by course time schedules totals frequently more than the 20-minutes of the title- but still undercuts my 60-minute chef program). And- along with the gimmick, there's imagination in the combinations, in the special touch that gives canned foods that homemade touch. A clever title- so much more provocative than the ""canned food cookbook"" would have been.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1953
Publisher: Crown