BUILD IT YOURSELF by Michael Rothman


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I've been looking for this book for a long time. As presented here, it is still not ideal, and I'm not particularly inspired by the projects he develops in the way of building furniture and gadgets and nooks and corner conveniences. But I am delighted to find a handbook on tools, their handling, their use. And to discover that someone writing of building projects is wise enough not to take for granted that everyone is born knowing how to wield a hammer and a saw, how to use an augur brace or a marking gauge or even a nail set. This is not a book to be taken at a gulp and remembered, but a book to keep on that shelf above the work bench, and to use whenever the new carpentry problem comes up that friend husband used to take off your shoulders.. Carpentry -- building -- upholstery (primary principles, not the trimmings) -- painting and staining -- and lots of diagrams and how-to-do-it pictures.

Publisher: Greenberg