BIG OIL MAN FROM ARABIA by Michael Sheldon Cheney


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An untrammeled account of seven years spent in Saudi Arabia-five working for Aramco- is a personal, and not too probingly political, view of the country-and the company and his own work there. Arriving at Aramco's Pentagon in the desert in 1948- the next years were to witness all kinds of touchy situations from which Aramco, and Cheney's story, cannot be divorced-- the Arab. Israeli war, Nasser's encroachment, the British-French fiasco at Suez, and within Arabia itself- the changing socio-economic status of the country which the development of oil has brought about. After a short briefing on Arab relations (hands off), Cheney was assigned to processing construction camp personnel for a year; did a stint in the desert at a construction camp working on the Trans-Arabian pipeline; came back to marry- and to get a P. R. job as company dragoman and official escort which involved some rugged touring; then became a writer- no sinecure either- until his decision to return home. He has quite a bit to say about a lot of things- and manages a lively commentary on this world within a world, while his style has its natural resources- humor and pace. Men will enjoy it.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1958
Publisher: Ballantine