MAKE THIS THE LAST WAR by Michael Straight


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I learned a lot from this book; I am sure most people will. To me the factual content was more valuable -- and sounder -- than the inspirational and challenging aspects. For here is a close-up of the machinery, the organization of the United Nations today, the steps by which the war is implemented, the supplies routed, the decisions as to allocation arrived at, the definitions and elaborations of joint boards and committees already functioning, horizontally and vertically, to coordinate the war effort in total war. Michael Straight has been a newspaper man in Washington; he has been on the staff of the Adviser on International Economics of the Department of State; he has served on the National Power Policy Committee; he has written on national and international problems, identified himself with various liberal groups for aggressive waging of the battle of democracy, and is shortly to join the U.S. Air Corps. This strengthens his presentation of a revolutionary plan for using the United Nations now as a nucleus for a far-reaching world federation. Exciting but very controversial.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace