LILAC NIGHT by Michael T. Hinkemeyer


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Another lurid melodrama from the author of such as Fields of Eden (1977)--this one a wildly improbable revenge-festival with some psychic touches. The victims of assorted revenge-schemes here are super-wealthy Long Islanders Jack Kenton (a potential NY governor) and wife Carol (who hears demented organ music in her head just before people die). And when mysterious foul play begins to threaten the Kentons, they search their pasts to figure out who is out to hurt them. Two vengeance seekers, in fact, are on the march from Carol's past: rich, crazy Vic Brand III--who once was Carol's lover--is insanely jealous, trying to murder her repeatedly; and then there's black Cleophus Watts, whose son was fatally run over by Carol's family limousine. (He steals Carol's baby from its carriage and nearly throws it into the Central Park Zoo bear cage.) But even more vengeance-seekers are after Jack! He has enemies from college days, angry business associates, and the widow of General Twister--who committed bloody suicide years ago after Jack exposed his corruption. But the top revenge honors go to Jack's insurance agent Ed Peters: unbeknownst to Jack, you see, Peters is married to Jack's old flame Pauline, who, pregnant, is killed by a truck; and when shattered Peters finds an old photo of Jack and Pauline nude on a hillside (ecstasy amid lilacs), he goes looney, sends bunches of lilacs to the Kentons, and plans to murder Carol on Lilac Night . . . July 4th. Finally, then, there's a Peters/Carol showdown, as that death-music rages in Carol's head. Energetic balderdash for the blood-pulp audience.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1981
Publisher: Crown