SUMMER SOLSTICE by Michael T. Hinkemeyer


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Shine on, Harvest Home. . . although this is not as suave as Tryon inevitably is, not-withstanding his folksy local corn. Hinkemeyer's story takes place in northern Minnesota where Katie, who has married a young lawyer (unfortunately not around most of the time), returns home after her mother's stroke which leaves the older woman paralyzed with fear. Katie's mother is in the dubious hands of a local woman, her unfeeling husband and a local doctor who keeps her hungry and sedated. There are many more casualties to come in this country unfit for man or beast--be they dog or bat or rotting bird--and you keep wondering who will be laid out next while Katie's mother dies only to rise up, in rigor mortis, pointing a finger at her. Yet another impersonation of all those unseen presences in the public domain.

Pub Date: Jan. 26th, 1975
Publisher: Putnam