DOUBLE JEOPARDY by Michael Underwood


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Feisty young lawyer Rosa Epton (Crime Upon Crime) returns--to little effect. This time Rosa is defending brash, likable Toby Nash on a rape charge. But when the alleged victim, Tricia Langley, has second thoughts about pressing charges and is then found dead, Detective Inspector Dormer is determined to nail Toby for the murder. And he's perfectly ready to ignore such other suspects as: Tricia's smarmy, lustful landlord; her neurotic rejected suitor; and her embezzling co-worker. So, with the help of Tricia's blind neighbor, Rosa manages a last-minute rescue, and Dormer gets his comeuppance in spades. Fairly readable--but the characters are cardboard, the motives are senseless, and this is thin stuff overall, not up to Underwood's usual standard.

Pub Date: Nov. 11th, 1981
Publisher: St. Martin's