A PARTY TO MURDER by Michael Underwood


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Once again Underwood's pixie-ish young lawyer/sleuth Rosa Epton (Goddess of Death) rushes to the rescue of a friend: her fellow lawyer Caroline Allard has been accused of murdering a co-worker--gossipy bachelor/busybody Tom Hunsey. Among the alternative suspects at Caroline and Tom's Prosecuting Solicitor's Office in provincial Grainfield: about-to-retire office chief Edward Patching, recently divorced and now in a May-December marriage; Patching's successor Murray Riston, who five years ago ended a torrid affair with Caroline and married the daughter of local magnate Rex Kline. (Undercurrents from all these involvements surfaced at the Office's annual Christmas party--where Hunsey was killed.) So Rosa has to do a lot of digging into the past. . . before she procures a last-minute witness at Caroline's trial, with freedom for the defendant and comeuppance for pig-headed Chief Superintendent Tart. Neat, fast entertainment from an old pro who rarely disappoints.

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 1983
Publisher: St. Martin's