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YOUR PAJAMAS ARE SHOWING! by Michael-Yves Schmitt


From the Where's Leopold? series, volume 1

by Michael-Yves Schmitt ; illustrated by Vincent Caut

Age Range: 6 - 11

Pub Date: April 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4677-0871-5
Publisher: Graphic Universe

Pesky little brothers can be annoying—but what if yours was invisible?

Orange-haired, caramel-chomping Celine is saddled with an exceedingly annoying little brother, Leopold. Unlike most irritating siblings, Leopold has a superpower: He is able to turn invisible. The carrot-topped team do what any kids with access to such a power would do: pull silly pranks on each other and their friends. In one vignette, Leopold uses his talent to blame horribly smelly flatulence on those around him (including Celine and his dad); what kid wouldn’t crack up at the chance to pull off the ultimate “silent but deadly” prank? In another, he employs his invisibility to sneak an entire dessert off the table, leaving his sister to take the blame (though he does pay his own price with an uncomfortably full belly). Oversized panels and exceptionally exaggerated expressions only beef up the already bountiful bons mots. The short, highly episodic exploits are delivered with minimal text and at lightning speed; expect most to devour this in a single short sitting.

Just try to read it and not snicker. (Graphic fiction. 6-11)