The Truth The Whole Truth Nothing but the Truth by Michael

The Truth The Whole Truth Nothing but the Truth

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A debut book offers a no-nonsense guide to biblical teachings, with a particular emphasis on the truth found in the Bible itself.

Setting the tone with the opening statement that “the Lord has inspired the author ‘Michael’…to declare his revelations of the Bible…so that they can stand on the truth,” this volume signals that the message that follows is assuredly a serious one. Exploring different biblical, largely evangelical topics such as the Antichrist (“Who is the Antichrist? When will he be revealed?”) and the Resurrection (“When will our resurrection occur? Is it a continuous or instantaneous event?”), the book presents information on these and similar items in a series of short chapters. Including Bible verses and the etymological backgrounds of certain words (in a chapter on the Garden of Eden, the reader is informed, “The word ‘Eden’ in the Hebrew means, pleasure, happiness, delight, joy, and peace”), the pages drip with outrage at a world full of “graven images and the confusion of the false teachings of the doctrines of men.” Vowing allegiance to no particular church, the author makes it clear that truth can be found in the words of Scripture and not in the “house of vain teachings and lies.” While other authors have argued similar cases, this volume sets itself apart by its investigation of words, a probe that includes a glossary in the final pages and frequent citations from Strong’s Concordance. Portions of editorializing may be of limited value (“Did you know that the only word that can be made from the letters in Santa is Satan?”), though taking the book as a whole, the reader can hardly doubt the consistency and energy of the author’s passion. While parts are clearly aimed to ruffle feathers (as when Michael states that “The more people rewrite or interpret [the Bible], the farther away they are from understanding the truth”), an attitude is nevertheless maintained that “This book is not written to condemn anyone…but to plead with all the religious systems to repent…so that the body of Christ can be unified according to the will of God.” Whether readers are won over to the author’s vision of unification depends greatly on their sympathies, or lack thereof, with similar views.

Sprightly throughout, this volume portrays a belief system that is vehement though rarely novel.

Pub Date: May 12th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4568-9588-4
Page count: 364pp
Publisher: Xlibris
Program: Kirkus Indie
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