RIDE A RHINO by Michaela Denis


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Written by a Belgian photographer, animal lover and beauty who, with her husband Armand Denis, is noted for television programs of Africa, this book by the author of Tiger in My Lap is wider in scope than the similar Born Free by Joy Adamson (Pantheon), but covers much the same setting in Kenya and Nairobi. Writing with exuberance, a camera beside her, the highly photogenic author tells little of riding rhinos but much of adventures with cheetahs and snakes, elephants and baboons, witch-doctors and sea-lions pigmies, scientists, and fussy, white women; describing the atrocities practiced by poachers, she pleads for a world-wide effort to stop their cruelties. Like Born Free, this book will appeal to animal lovers and addicts of true tales of Africa written in television style, although some readers may deplore the fact that text and illustrations often have no connection with each other.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1960
Publisher: Doubleday