SURVIVING AN EATING DISORDER by Michele; Judith Brisman & Margot Weinshel Siegel


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A solid, competent guide for families and friends trying to support someone with an eating disorder. Psychologists Siegel and Brisman and family therapist Weinshel are clear that the person with an eating disorder has to be primarily responsible for him/herself; but that their family members can and should at times offer effective support, or disengage--both to assist recovery and to protect themselves. The authors first offer help with ""Gaining Perspective,"" addressing the first signs of an eating disorder, what feelings these developments may evoke, and how relationships may be affected. They next address ""Confronting the Problem""--bringing eating disorders out in the open is an important first step in solving the problem, since such disorders tend to be hidden or denied. The authors also have advice on seeking professional help. Finally, ""Using New Strategies"" suggests ways in which family members can take care of themselves, from ""Practical Advice for Disengaging From the Eating Disorder"" to ""Understanding What Keeps You So Involved"" and ""Relating to the Person, Not the Eating Disorder."" This is all clearly laid out, with a minimum of jargon and plenty of illustrative case stories. No startling, news, then: but sound support for those in a difficult place.

Pub Date: April 20th, 1988
ISBN: 1615605339
Publisher: Harper & Row