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THE BURNING SHADOW by Michelle Paver


From the Gods and Warriors series, volume 2

by Michelle Paver

Age Range: 10 - 14

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-8037-3880-5
Publisher: Dial

Bronze Age Greece is a dangerous place, filled with angry spirits, vengeful warriors and uncertain alliances. Hylas, a young goatherd and Outsider, must navigate this mysterious world as he searches for his missing younger sister, Issi.

Missing his friends, Pirra, the daughter of the High Priestess, and Spirit the dolphin, Hylas is once again alone in his quest (Gods and Warriors, 2012). His journey is cut short when he is snatched by slavers and forced to labor in the mines of Thalakrea, a volcanic island. Twelve-year-old Pirra’s fate is no less suffocating: Her mother has once again promised her in marriage. Pirra bribes a seer to help her escape, but the old woman has other plans. Fate brings Pirra to Hylas’ island prison, where they meet a spirit-touched lion cub. Together, they must confront the dangerous prophecy hanging over Hylas’ life. This second volume is a vast improvement over the first. The historically accurate and opulent setting has receded, becoming the backdrop for the fast-paced adventure. Well-developed characters populate a time and place where the veil between the real world and the spiritual realm is thin. Maps and an author’s note enrich the text.

Well-crafted historical adventure. (Historical fantasy. 10-14)