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KIPPER’S A TO Z by Mick Inkpen Kirkus Star


An Alphabet Adventure

by Mick Inkpen & illustrated by Mick Inkpen

Pub Date: March 1st, 2001
ISBN: 0-15-202594-4
Publisher: Harcourt

Canine Kipper squires his piglet friend, Arnold, from "Aa is for ant" to "Zz is for Zebra" in a big, playful, alphabet story that is just the ticket for turning pre-readers into new readers. Inkpen adds a bit extra to most of the literary encounters: "Cc" is not just for caterpillar, but Crawly caterpillar; "Nn is for No, not now" (said to the zebra); and "Xx" for Xugglybug, an "interesting insect" picked up at "Ii." The best moment is when the audience is invited to help Kipper out when his mind goes blank at "Kk." Young children will also painlessly discover an array of additional concepts as, for instance, Kipper and Arnold go up and down a hill, discover that an elephant is too big to fit into Arnold's collecting box, or learn that the first letter of "gnat" is silent. Acres of white space surround the large-type text and simply drawn figures without overwhelming them, making this equally suitable for sharing with one child or a group. Just about the cutest puppy in a favorite series achieves a stellar new success. (Picture book. 3-5)