THE HAUNTED WORLD by Miep Diekmann


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Matthew van Rosy is overjoyed with his shiny new dinghy, a birthday present from his family. Now he was free to leave Curacao each afternoon to explore the island in White Bay known as Hollow Tongue. Enshrouded in mystery, the island has been the subject of native legend for many years, therefore when Matthew discovers the hideout of a sick stranger, he is filled with a sense of adventure. In the meantime, mainland news informed the population that five prisoners had escaped, and since Matthew's sympathies lay with the political refugees, imprisoned on a nearby island, he was determined to help the stranger escape. He offers his precious dinghy for this purpose and though the two have communicated in broken Dutch, English and Spanish, strong ties evolve around Matthew's generosity. Translated by A. J. Pomerans, this is an interesting portrait of a young boy's ability to assume a dangerous, wholly personal responsibility. The elements of mystery are fairly routine.

Pub Date: Sept. 29th, 1961
Publisher: Dutton