DEATH IN TIME by Mignon Warner


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Cynthia Playford, researcher and slightly aging femme fatale, is in a foul mood when she arrives--with TV-critic brother Nigel--to spend the weekend at a Mystic Circle magicians' conference in a seaside town. Also in attendance: magic expert Frank Sexton, Cynthia's former lover (his wife Kathy put a violent end to the affair a year ago); clairvoyant Edwina Charles; and a few fascinated guests outside the Mystic Circle. Cynthia is soon killed, of course--in a non-accidental fall from a nearby mountain's cable car. Frank is the chief suspect. And Kathy goes quietly but thoroughly berserk while Mrs. Charles presents her visions to the police-along with a clue-filled envelope from the dead woman. Despite a solid start (well-drawn major characters): disjointed, unconvincing, and luster-less work in Warner's familiar vein.

Pub Date: May 7th, 1982
Publisher: Doubleday