SPEAK NO EVIL by Mignon Warner


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In her stately, bloodless way, handsome clairvoyante Edwina Charles is on the trail again--this time hired by ex-con Jimmy Valentine, (?) to find out what really happened to his young girl-detective friend Tony Manners. Did Tony truly commit suicide. . . or was she killed? Soon, then, Mrs. Charles finds herself in a mare's nest of complications, most of them involving the late actor Rendell Pym--who, years ago, was convicted of killing his faithless wife, but later released. Has the dead Pym been resurrected? How else to explain the recent strange deaths of both the judge and doctor in the case? The answers are all revealed, more or less, in another of Warner's seance finales. But, with a huge cast of sketchy characters and a densely muddled plot, most readers won't hang around for the denouement of this humdrum, foolish puzzle.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1984
Publisher: Doubleday