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by Mike Austin & illustrated by Mike Austin

Pub Date: Feb. 1st, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-06-212594-1
Publisher: Harper/HarperCollins

Dynamic monsters cavort and shriek and play with color.

These monsters have googly eyes, big cartoon grins and unthreateningly rounded bodies. At the beginning, some are a single primary color, while others are smaller and gray. One red monster, one yellow monster and one blue monster extol the virtues of their own colors with jubilant chantability if not strict logic: “Red is the color of ROAR! and SNORE! and more! more! MORE!”; “Yellow is the color of PROWL! and HOWL! and GROWL! GROWL! GROWL!”; “Blue is the color of Scribble and Dribble and Nibble Nibble Nibble.” Other verses are more hit-or-miss—for example, one page tries to rhyme “splash” with “squash,” which may cause a stumble for adults reading aloud. However, all the monsters gyrate and boogie with exuberance, and their mixing of colors has exciting results. The small gray monsters become secondary colors, and one lucky little fellow who requests “SUPER tropical MEGA monster RAINBOW swirl with raspberry on TOP!” gets multicolored stripes and a rainbow parade to lead. Austin’s squiggly, untamed swirls of crayon, pencil and ink and the high energy in his casual style (complete with silliness: “Hey! Don’t eat your crayons, silly monster!”) may coax even the bounciest little monsters to sit down for storytime—and run for the crayons and poster paper afterwards.


(Picture book. 2-5)