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OWNER SHIFT by Mike Malatesta


How Getting Selfish Got Me Unstuck

by Mike Malatesta

Pub Date: Oct. 31st, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-5445-2391-0
Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing

A debut memoir of an entrepreneur’s misadventures while getting his small business off the ground.

Investment and entrepreneurship coach Malatesta deeply grounds his nonfiction debut in the stories of his own challenges, setbacks, and triumphs in the world of creating and establishing his own career as a business owner and operator. He takes readers through his own experiences securing a partner, initial investors, and bank loan approval for what he disarmingly calls “a simple wastewater trucking business.” He and his partner had no experience starting a business, but plenty of confidence and grit: “We weren’t concerned about the risk because we were so sure that our company would work,” he writes. “A duo of delusional optimists.” Along the way, Malatesta broadens his story to include his insights into his own frame of mind at every stage of the process: “Without realizing it, I’d become my own worst enemy,” he writes at one point. “I was the obstacle.” Along the way, he refers to his “perfect problem”: a preoccupation with unrealizable goals: “My perfect problem was just an excuse-maker,” he writes, noting that it “gave me an out any time I couldn’t see the straight line from here to there.” In energetic, appealingly direct prose, Malatesta very effectively personalizes the challenges that many readers will face when organizing their own startups, and some will find his thoughts about a kind of constructive selfishness intriguing. Some may be wary of self-centeredness in any form, but they’ll also relate to the author’s tendency to put his personal life last and his pager first, “making everyone’s present my property instead of making my future mine.” Such readers are also likely to learn something from Malatesta’s gradual decision to focus on “claiming” his future.

A readable and highly personal story of one man’s path to true success.