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A HUNGER IN THE SOUL by Mike Resnick


by Mike Resnick

Pub Date: May 1st, 1998
ISBN: 0-312-85438-2
Publisher: Tor

More African commentary from Resnick (Kirinyaga, p. 88, etc.), this one inspired by New York Herald journalist H. M. Stanley’s expedition to locate the Scottish explorer/missionary Dr. David Livingstone. Twenty years previously, genius researcher Dr. Michael Drake found a cure for the ybonia plague before disappearing on planet Bushveld. Now a mutated form of ybonia is ravaging the galaxy, so ambitious video journalist Robert Markham organizes a safari to find the missing doctor. Markham tempts one-legged safari expert and narrator Enoch Stone away from his dull museum job, and also signs up hunters, skinners, a mechanic, a medic, and 50 native Orange-Eye porters. The arrogant, abrasive Markham treats the Orange-Eyes with contempt and will allow nothing—not even a dying expedition member—to distract him. Further problems are posed by a tribe of hostile Orange-Eyes (Markham orders a slaughter) and a village of hitherto unknown sentient humanoids (Markham forces them at gunpoint to do his bidding). Finally, only Markham, Stone, and a cameraman survive to meet Drake. The doctor has found a cure for the new plague but refuses to hand it over to the ruthless Markham. So, Markham kills Drake, grabs the cure, and returns to civilization in triumph. With finesse, discernment, and splashes of vitriol, Resnick continues to expose colonialism and its vicious attitudes.