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FRESH BLOOD by Mike Ripley


by Mike Ripley & edited by Maxim Jakubowski

Pub Date: March 27th, 1997
ISBN: 1-899344-03-9

 A barbaric yawp from the other side of the pond, these 14 noirish entries are a collective manifesto from a new generation of angry young men (and two women, Stella Duffy and Denise Danks) whose genealogy Ripley's Foreword traces to back to 198890. The stories--unrelentingly, often gleefully sordid tales by the likes of Ian Rankin and Graeme Gordon, Mark Timlin, and Chaz Brenchley- -are all new, except for hitherto five-year-old work by Russell James and editor Ripley. The title of Jakubowski's ``Blood and Guts, Goodge Street'' neatly sets the sociological, in-your-face tone of the whole collection, accentuated by self-serious headnotes by the authors. The highlight, John Harvey's ``She Rote,'' is the only tale likely to be familiar to American readers already; you can pick your own lowlight. A brilliantly dreary collection of punks and grifters, whose attitude, like their chroniclers', is out to here.