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by Mike Santos & illustrated by Mike Santos & developed by Tic Tac Tiger

Age Range: 2 - 10

Publisher: Tic Tac Tiger

An imaginative boy creates robots to take care of his family’s chores, so they will have more fun time together.

While the story isn't much, from an interactive standpoint, the app excels, with games and puzzles and activities on every page. Children will love using the robots to reassemble the family car, pick up the living room (including the family fish, which is desperate to return to its bowl), prepare hot dogs and popcorn for dinner and mow the grass. Once the chores are done, there’s even more fun: paintball the canvas while Mom paints with a brush; watch the dog romp while playing catch with Dad; milk-dunk Grandma’s cookies; and catch fish in a basket as Grandpa reels ’em in! And that's pretty much it. The app features a colorful animelike cartoon aesthetic that works well with the robot theme. Reading options (to read or be read to) do not exist, and navigational help is MIA. And the narration, which borders on boring, cannot compete with the sound effects. 

Overall, it's an entertaining-enough activity/game app that will keep children coming back for more. Just not for a great story. (iPad storybook app. 2-10)