MOONKEY by Mike Thaler


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A fanciful tale with a banal resolution. Monkey is in love with the moon--because, from his vantage point atop a palm tree, it appears ""so bright and friendly."" To disabuse him of his infatuation, his friends Hippo, Gorilla, Lion, and Giraffe climb up into Monkey's tree, stand atop one another, and invite him to ""see if you can reach the moon."" And, surprisingly, he can not only reach the moon, he is able--because it's now a crescent--to crawl up on it and wrap his arms around it. So he discovers that the moon is ""cold""; and in his loneliness he longs for his ""friendly,"" ""safe,"" ""bright,"" palm tree and his earthside friends. Awakened by his tears (""Hey, it's raining""), they retrieve him and hold a party--with a ""cake that said 'Moonkey."" Maestro's pictures--with their flat colors and simple forms, their deadpan ingenuousness--invite a suspension of disbelief. . . which is then undermined by pat contrasts and the commonplace sentimentality.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1982
Publisher: Harper & Row