I'LL NEVER GO BACK: A Red Army Officer Talks by Mikhail Koriakov

I'LL NEVER GO BACK: A Red Army Officer Talks

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So far as it goes, this is an exceedingly interesting disclosure of the change of heart and mind of a Red Army officer, a war correspondent, as he experiences an awakening to the religious values and their lack in the Soviet psychology. So violent was his metamorphosis that he accepted the difficulties ahead, never turning back:- transfer to a disciplinary battalion; refusal of a request to be assigned to the Polish Corps; the humiliation of seeing the drunken debauch of Russian troops, bent on revenge, loot, rape, murder; capture, escape, and recapture; a precarious assignment to the Embassy in Paris; and again escape, this time from the NKVD mission of repatriation, and finally the choice of Freedom and Duty- to do what he could do through writing to tell the world what is concealed behind the Iron Curtain. Throughout, there is constant weighing of the evidence of what Russian Communism means. Not as dramatic as the Kravchenko book; but compelling in its way.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1948
Publisher: Dutton