THE CHURCH THROUGH THE AGES by Mildred Corell Luckhardt


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A book designed as a study book for older children and young people to be used in Sunday School and other groups. It covers in a cursory but readable fashion the history of the Christian Church. It treats of the genesis of religions, the development of religion among the Jews, the place of Jesus in the development of religion. While the early church, the church of the Middle Ages and the Reformation era are dealt with, the whole latter part of the study deals with the story of the church in recent decades with emphasis upon its missionary and service projects. The point of view is that of liberal Protestantism, with the advance of the Kingdom practically identified with the evolutionary progress of civilization. It will not satisfy those who believe the church has Divine sanction nor those who believe that life, death and the resurrection of Christ were central and determinative in a Divine process of redemption.

Publisher: Association Press