DON PEDRO OF BRAZIL by Mildred Criss
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Another biography, in fictionized form, from the author of Mary Stuart and Pocahonta. The life story of Dom Pedro II of Brazil, from his father's abidication in 11, when, at the age of five, he became the Emperor, under a regency, through to his own abdication in 1889. An exceedingly well-told account of this great man who was called The People's Emperor in his own country, the book gives a fascinating picture of the life of the people, and the trials of the Emperor and his family in trying to make Brazil a country for the people, whom he loved. His early education; sole power, without a regency, at 14; married at 17 to Princess Christina Maria Theresa; the birth of his children; the long war with Paraguay; the story of Isabel, his eldest daughter, and her mismanagement of the country when Dom Pedro took his beloved Empress to Europe for her health, and the part she played in his ultimate abdication; -- all is told in full detail, told with warmth, humor and understanding. Highly recommended for historical information and the incentive to learn about our South American neighbors.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead