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The story of two lonely men -- and of the Brittany village where they were misunderstood and held apart -- and of the ""miracle"" that gave them back their souls and won their people. One of them was a priest, a man too intellectual for the post he sought to fill; eager, yet inhibited, in his efforts to come close to his people. The other was a cobbler, sent as a penance by his own village priest to live in this remote place and try to cure the hate that possessed him, for the man who had stolen his beloved from him. It is a strange and haunted story, full of the oddly pagan atmosphere of Brittany, where superstitions take precedence over a thin cloak of Christianity, where the faith of the people is stronger in the gods their ancestors worshipped, than in the dogma of their church. Then comes a comet, bringing fear to their innermost beings, and only the priest and the cobbler and the Idiot lad are free from this fear. But at the end, it is the swift passing of a stranger who changes the hearts of the two men, and makes Job Savot know that murder is no longer in his mind but recognition of love. And the crippled child stumbles across to him, a miracle in the eyes of the village. But the real miracle is the redemption of Job and of Father Morvan.

Publisher: Knopf