ONE RED ROSE FOREVER by Mildred Jordan


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Fictionized biography of ""Baron"" Stiegel, whose name is associated with some of the finest glass manufactured in this country. Entirely apart from interest in the man's achievements, big was a glamorous figure, ambitious, passionate, dramatic. And his story makes good reading. When he came through the port of Philadelphia, fresh from Cologne and the university, fired with a zeal to capture easy riches and free himself to devote his life to music, he was caught into the mesh of the iron works, his ambition overruled his order for the arts, and he accepted even a succession of loveless marriages, if it meant material success and more power. A vivid, intimate background of the turbulent America on the eve of revolution. A passionate love story, albeit a frustrated one. A success story, ending in debt and disgrace.

Pub Date: Sept. 8th, 1941
Publisher: Knopf