WILLY BEAR by Mildred Kantrowitz


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A little boy expresses his anxieties on the eve of his first day at school by projecting them onto his teddy bear, who needs extra reassurances at bedtime, a light on ""just tonight,"" a drink of water, and finally a ""snuggle next to me"" instead of spending the night in his own toy bed. Next morning the monologue continues (""You're not even dressed yet! Well, I will just have to leave without you"") and so does the pretense (""I will meet your new teacher. . . .Then I will come home and I'll tell you all about it"")--right up to the end when, with a ""Good-bye, Willy Bear,"" the boy is off on his own. Nancy Winslow Parker's touch of gentle oddity both establishes empathic contact and keeps the encounter from cloying.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Parents' Magazine Press