FOREVER AND ALWAYS by Mildred Lawrence


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The strains of an old song, the whisper of his name, the scent of summer along the familiar streets of her southern hometown, the friendship of anyone in the old gang, was enough to recall Russ Ragan in all his glory. Even now, it seemed incredible to Mindy that their romance was as dead as the graduation ceremony. How could an acceptance at Harvard influence a romance Mindy thought would last forever and always. To the outside world, pride shielded her loss. She took the job at the town museum, she went out with Paul Bogardus, the young researcher from State, she even worked on the glamorous historical town pageant. And though her longing for Russ diminished in intensity, the more profound effects of the break soured Mindy's perspective on life, apparently an uncertain phenomenon, to its very foundations. To trust in something or someone was obviously a foolhardy indulgence sure to end tragically. Yet Paul's philosophy was interesting. What's wrong with change, spontaneity, even uncertainty?What promise could a well delineated future possibly hold? Perhaps by osmosis, more through a growing self-awareness, certainly through her involvement in other people in spite of herself, Mindy slowly comes round. Thus when she overhears Mrs. Ragan's condescending remarks, Mindy is cut painfully but deeply enough to free her of crippling illusions. Any teenage girl who has suffered the heartbreak of a jilting will not only identify but profit from this sensitive and mature treatment.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1961
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace