DRUMS IN MY HEART by Mildred Lawrence
Kirkus Star


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Another eminently realistic romance spends a summer in a small town with Val, and her spectacularly dazzling older sister, Tucker, and Rob, and his equally dazzling elder brother Eliot. Val, who has been living her sister's life ever since she can remember, witnesses the break-up of Eliot and Tucker just a few weeks before they were to marry. She takes it almost as hard as Tucker does drooping listlessly around the house. But Val has other things to do-- a summer job at the drum factory (the town's only industry) and some of the unexplained events there (a prowler; a fire) and then Val has some of her own choices to make-- between Derek, a new young man in town, and Rob with whom she'd grown up.... A relaxed story with casual, recognizable dialogue, this should prove very popular with the milkshake set for whom it is intended.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace & World