HONOR SANDS by Mildred Lee


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Growing up is so hard. It's so stupid, too""--if your skin isn't all it should be, and you don't have any dates (until equally awkward Blair, with a bobbing Adams apple asks you), and your best friend is the most delectably popular girl in the class, and your mother calls you ""Baby."" And then there's your stars-in-your-eyes, heart-in-your-mouth admiration for you teacher, Mr. Ackroyd, and finally your worries about your father and Aunt Cathy who had never married and with whom he seems to have such a rapport? Well at the end of all this which comes out all right it almost seems to Honor that her ""whole family had turned into a first-rate"" soap-opera which is what this really is but there probably isn't an adolescent girl who won't enjoy suffering through every minute of it. And identify with an upper case I. Mildred Lee wrote the very successful The Rock and the Willow (1963 -- p. 1010 J-302).

Pub Date: Oct. 24th, 1966
Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard