HEAVEN IS TOO HIGH by Mildred Masterson McNeilly


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A vigorous handling of the heroic saga of Baranov's bringing order to the Russian settlements in America, building up the fur trade, establishing trade routes with other nations for supplies, and keeping the natives under control -- setting for a story of Chernov, young Russian nobleman, escaping the Express' displeasure by stewing away in Baranov's expedition. As Goruk in the new land, Chernov learns to love the wilderness, the adventurous life, the responsibilities Baranov gives him, but always he dreams of pardon and return to marry his Elizabeth. Then comes news of her marriage, and he turns to Marya, a French-Indian, who bears his child, and it is to her he returns after a quick trip to Russia to plead with the new ruler for ships, supplies and colonists...Here is a story of our early Northwest, of pioneering against odds, of internal dissensions which brought disruption to the experiment. Colonial empire building of the 1800's.

Pub Date: March 22nd, 1944
Publisher: Morrow