THE WHITE FOUNTAIN by Mildred McNaughton


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A story of modern times in South Africa places American- born, Dutch descended Katryna, at Witfontein (White Fountain) the home of her fiance Pieter, who she had met overseas during this war. She is accepted by all his family, except Maria who lives on hatred for Pieter, believing him the cause of her husband's death, and who plans through Pieter's native mistress, Coralie, to smash Katryna's happiness. The discovery of diamonds and Pieter's reckless adventuring in protecting them, the great fire set by Coralie's husband in revenge for her coldness, all teach Katryna where her heart really lies and untangle the complex relations of Pieter and Maria. Backgrounded in the details of the farm life, begun in 1670, in the local scenery and colors, this provides solid reading for soberer feminine tastes.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1949
Publisher: Doubleday