by Mildred Moody and  Barkin
Kirkus Star

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This is a book which was written for pastors. Mrs. Eakin is the leading religious educators in the country. Her husband, the co-author, is dist minister. The thesis of the book is that the religious education program a Protestant church has broken down, particularly as it pertains to the church asmuch as comparatively few churches are able to engage professional directors gious education, the educational program of the church must be conducted by lays minister must assume more responsibility for it. While recognizing the import of lay leadership, Mr. and Mrs. Eakin are here registering a strong plea for the tion of more responsibility by the ministry. As few of them are equipped even vise a truly educational program, the authors have devoted this volume to outline steps by which the minister may fit himself for more active leadership in this Of course, as the authors recognize, preparation for such leadership should be the curriculum of every theological seminary. This is a practical book, replet illustrations which effectively drive home the authors' arguments.

Pub Date: May 6th, 1947