MEDICAL MEETING by Mildred Walker


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Not as overall good a book as her previous The Quarry (1947) but a return to the modern scene and the double interest of medical background for the questions of marital relationships. After a twelve year research, pursued in a tuberculosis sanitarium, Dr. Baker is ready to announce the results of the effect of his earth mold culture, microcydin, on patients with this disease, and takes his wife Idz to the Chicago Medical Meeting where he is to read his paper. This is the story of their stay there -- the reunion with friends of internship days, the men and women and how the years have dealt with them and their marriages, the blasting of the Bakers' hopes of triumph when professional researchers precede Baker with the work in similar fields and its results, the 1st-down of his paper and Idz' loss of faith when she learns her husband's mold, although it cured their daughter, was the cause of the girl's deafness. Recalled to the sanitarium when the head collapses, the decision must be made whether to accept a job in research or to stay on in place of the departing head, and Idz finds her faith again while Dr. Baker finds the right answer. Filled with knowing touches, clear sidelights on human nature, and specific clinical details, this provides far better than average reading for women readers.

Pub Date: Oct. 6th, 1949
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace