THE CURLEW'S CRY by Mildred Walker


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A deep understanding of the special quality that characterizes our frontier regions- yesterday and today- is again evident in this period story of Montana, from 1905 on to the 1940's. Mildred Walker strikes successively an evocative note, so that one senses the reality of a caste system in a frontier town, where the ruling families are those that go back to the days of the first settlers. A foreigner such as Rose Guinard, whose mother is a French milliner, could not be quite accepted even by her classmates. And when she eloped with Wrenn Morley, always considered the possession of Pamela Lacey, it created an impossible situation. That the odd triangle of her making persisted through the years was now Rose's fault, now Pam's until fate took a hand, and loneliness and tragedy brought the two women together. It is a story of mood and emotions rather than incident, but somehow there is a compelling quality that holds reader interest, and the development of Pamela's character, the retrogression in Rose, become the dominant values. Mildred Walker writes at a rather slow pace, but successive novels have brought her to a position of real importance as a regional novelist.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1955
ISBN: 0803297572
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace