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Dr. Baldi spent forty years (""More time than many a lifer does"") in county prison administration, and he has now written a book which is also a refutation of the prison literature which has appeared, prone to a great deal of misinformation and sentiment. Dr. Baldi is a realist- and raps the knuckles of everyone both inside and out. In fact, he suggests the return of the ruler to elementary school discipline as an answer to juvenile delinquency. There is, regrettably, a great deal of truth in what he says--namely that prison is a ""social convenience"" for which society is unwilling to pay enough- prisons are run- badly- with poor facilities and low grade personnel; that rehabilitation is a myth; that political pressure and interference is a factor. He describes in interesting detail his ""all sorts of guests""; the mentally disturbed, sex offenders, addicts, homosexuals, juvenile delinquents, etc. (At Holmesburg, where he served, Willie Sutton made the first break in 53 years.) He also discusses the death penalty- it's the strongest deterrent to crime we have; pardons and their abuse; parole.... A no-nonsense approach- with which Dr. Baldi scatters his shots and usually finds a target- all in the hope of offering a corrective.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1959
Publisher: Lippincott