A CHARMED DEATH by Miles Tripp


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Stella and Rodney Best's marriage isn't exactly made in heaven. True, it's not quite hellish either, since cool Stella chooses to ignore her husband's occasional extramarital amours. But when the couple finds the murdered body of loose-living Deirdre Jameson, Stella starts looking at Rodney with new suspicions. Was their seemingly accidental discovery of the body carefully engineered? Is Rodney capable of sins far baser than adultery? Well, Stella sets out on an amateur search for the truth, eventually exposing Deirdre's love life (as live-in, two-timing mistress to a much older man) and the all-too-obvious killer. Despite the minimal mystery: nicely built, low-key suspense--with a few small surprises and a narrative style that warms up (after a rather wooden start) as the story moves along.

Pub Date: Jan. 24th, 1984
Publisher: St. Martin's