THE HERO by Millard Lampell


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A first novel by a radio dramatist, this manages more than a little excitement and spirit and sympathy, and is a direct hit on the unamericanism of American colleges, on the professionalism of amateur football. Steve Novak, Polish second generation from a Jersey mill town, a football find, passes up the leading Universities who are anxious to ""buy him"", choosing instead, for its academic and social tradition, Jackson University. Naive, idealistic, eager to learn and refusing to take a free ride on his marks, it takes two years for Steve to realize how hopelessly he is lost in the politics, publicity of football; that he has no time for the education he wanted to get; that the world of money and breeding is a thin-blooded one which will never accept him. And after an accident on the field which ruins his future, Steve leaves Jackson to go home- but takes with him the girl he loves...Possibly not for the conservative tastes, this has however pace and vitality and levels its assault with validity and without belligerence...The publishers promise major promotion, and Columbia Pictures has bought it for 1949 production.

Publisher: Messner