TREASURE OF FREE MEN by Millicent J. Taylor
Kirkus Star


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Emphasizing the significance which the Bible has had in the struggle to win and maintain freedom, the Education Editor of the Christian Science Monitor tells the story of how we got the Bible in English and of the way we have sought to share it throughout the world. The first part of the book covers the familiar territory of the work of Wycliffe, Tyndall, Coverdale and the translators of the King James and Revised Standard Version of the Bible. The later part of the book tells of the organized effort to make the Bible accessible. The romance of Bible publishing, the work of the Bible Societies in translation into missionary languages and in distribution through peddlers, the dramatization of the Bible story by radio, television and film, the value of collections and exhibits of Bibles -- all this makes a fascinating story told all too briefly.

Publisher: Harper