LET'S GET TURTLES by Millicent Selsam
Kirkus Star


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....said Jerry to Bill and they did, along with all the necessary paraphernalia and the panic that comes to all new turtle owners. These are such familiar pets and so few people know much about them. Beginning readers who have followed the trials of Jerry and Bill will be able to speak with authority on such matters as water temperature, turtle comfort and especially turtle appetite. A particularly intriguing feature of the book is that it has an open end. After Jerry and Bill have asked the advice of a zoo keeper about proper diet, he suggests different menus for each turtle which may have differing effects on their growth. The book ends with a letter from the boys saying that no results have shown up yet. Selsam and Lobel have teamed for the top notch Greg's Microscope and Terry and the Caterpillars and they've done it again. A Science I Can Read Book or, how to make experimental turtle keepers while initiating new readers.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1965
Publisher: Harper & Row